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La Piccolina is a VINTAGE PIAGGIO APE mobile bar based in THE denver, colorado AREA.

As a fully-insured, fully-customizable, pint-sized mobile bar, La Piccolina is a Colorado-based company that offers all things bubbly: beer, champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine! From weddings and rehearsal dinners, to corporate events and backyard parties, La Piccolina is sure to bring a unique splash of flavor and a little bit of Bella Italia to your shin-dig. 

Established as a mobile bar in 2020, but manufactured in 1994, this piaggio ape went through a major renovation to become a mobile bar cart. We're talking the whole shebang - fabricated enclosure, custom keg system, custom taps, and a fresh coat of clean, white paint - she used to be blue! Serving up bubbly around Denver for almost 4 years now, she really knows how to bring the party!


from italIAN SCOOTER


what will you pour out of

sparkling water





La Piccolina is a charming bubbly addition to your celebration. She's truly a crowd-pleaser. We have to inflate her ego and her tires, occasionally. From wedding welcome parties to corporate holiday parties, she'll serve up a good time - on a pinterest-worthy level. Our mobile bar business can serve your whole party as the main bar, or we can be a satellite bar for cocktail hour or larger corporate events. This bar on wheels can even fit inside some venues, which is ideal for wintertime events like holiday parties! 


Contact us for a custom quote and to tell us all about your upcoming event in Colorado or beyond. We can’t wait to toast with you! 

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